Acer AS5253-BZ893 is an inexpensive and entry level notebook that comes with AMD’s dual core C-50 processor clocked at 1.0 GHz. The Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ893 has an screen size of 15.6 inch and comes with 3 GB of RAM and 250 GB of hard disk drive. Its key feature includes that HDMI output which is very very useful for displaying the content of your notebook on a TV with HDMI input or a projector that has HDMI input.

Here are key facts about the Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ893

- The Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ893 is powered by AMD Ontario C-50 dual core processor at 1.0 GHz
- It will give you decent graphics performance with its ATI Radeon HD 6310 graphics that supports DirectX 11
- The Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ893 comes with 3 GB RAM and 250 GB Hard Disk
- Even though it competes with low price netbooks it does come with DVD drive
- The LCD screen is 15.6 inch and has 1366 x 768 resolution
- The Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ893 comes with an Integrated webcam
- The notebook comes with wired as well as integrated wireless
- Other features include the Memory Card Reader and the 3 USB ports

The Acer Aspire AS5253-BZ893 was seen at Fry’s weekly deal at $359. The notebook could be a good buy for people looking for an entry level notebook at an inexpensive price. If you are looking for some performance computing and can afford $100 more, we suggest that you look at some Pentium P6200 based notebooks.